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THE REAL VIRTUALITY PROJECT is two people, creating and building a new, imaginary world; a world of surrealistic landscapes, abstract images, emotional feelings and a new cyberspace; a world that stimulates your fantasy through wonderful electronic music, full of rhythm and motion.

THE REAL VIRTUALITY PROJECT is a mixture of the latest technology and visions from the edge of fantasy; a project which will continue to develop and evolve into territories never explored before. The productions that are made during this evolution are shown in multimedia live concerts and will be released on media like video, DVD and CD-ROM.


After the huge success of Wave World, Virtual Factory Records has decided to re-release the first Real Virtuality video from 1996. This new release is supplemented with a special edition of 'The Goldseeker' that has never been released before. The '2000 edition' of 'The Goldseeker' contains many new scenes, as well as enhanced graphics. The picture quality has been drastically improved, and the complete movie is now presented in widescreen 1.76:1 format.
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After the concerts of the Real Virtuality Project in 1994 and 1995, many new computer animations were made. It has always been our intention to release this material on four short videotapes. These videotapes not only contain enhanced material from the concerts, but on top of that completely new footage that has never been released before. On this website you will find a number of previews of these tapes. It is our intention - provided there is enough interest for The Real Virtuality Video Part I - to release Part II, III and IV as well.

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THE GOLDSEEKER (part 1 & 2)



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Ronald Wijnands & Rolf van Slooten
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